About us

We are fee-only, independent Financial Planners. Our business is strictly of advisory nature; the advice spans from balancing the monthly or annual budget (and ideas for saving more) to funding children’s (or grandchildren’s) education to complete retirement and estate planning. We recommend investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and myriad of other avenues available depending on the risk tolerance of our clients. We often help our clients to set-up their own accounts with broker-dealers or other places where they are more comfortable. We also train and educate them to manage these accounts on their own, if they so desire. Unless it is requested, we do not wish to manage or have interests in any of our clients’ assets. Consequently, there are no quarterly or annual fees based on your assets.

Our experience shows that, as a rule, each client is different, has very different needs that we must address and our advice is always tailored to their needs and specific objectives they put down in their initial application.

We do not sell any specific products as our own and consequently we do not get any commissions or discounts from any one. We are proud of the fact that we are fee only, independent Financial Planners focusing strictly on the interests and objectives of our clients. It matters to us that we advise only what is best for our clients.

As a general practice, we do not recommend any particular firms that our clients must work with for their business or investments interest.

We take pride in helping our clients achieve their goals by identifying, prioritizing and creating personalized plans. Some of the newesr trends we are observing are: planning for survivor spouses, probate-free transfer of assets to the next generation and planning for same-sex or unmarried couples among many other issues. We have also seen a very strong need for seniors to start talking to their children and trustees about their own desires and wishes like health decisions, proper transfer of assets, where all the pertinent information is for all of such items and how to access it. Absence of such meaningful conversations can create time consuming and painful problems for the trustees whoever they are.