We provide complete financial planning services to individuals, families and small businesses. Complete financial planning encompasses all aspects of one’s financial life including education for the children to retirement/estate planning to investments. Planning for disabled person and planning for the same-sex couples and unwed couples, single mothers and survivor spouses has become an important and significant aspect of our work today.

  • Education Planning: Educational planning for children is an important consideration for many families and should be considered immediately after the child is born but it is never too late to consider planning for child’s education. This allows the educational funds to be set aside to grow for the maximum length of time possible. There could be tax benefits too.
  • Insurance Planning: Insurance needs, especially how the various insurance plans should be structured to benefit an individual or families during their lifetime, are important. The various insurances that need to be covered are life, health, disability, long-term care, house, cars and liability umbrella insurance among many others. Insurance needs change (but they are always there) as a family progresses through life e.g. from late twenties with young children to middle age with grown children to retired age with empty nest.
  • Retirement Planning: Retirement planning remains one the most important aspects of financial planning. Many couples and individuals, may not even think of such planning until it is too late. With benefits from social security and conventional pension plans uncertain and dwindling and with longevity increasing, retirement planning becomes even more critical. Two factors that are most critical are planning financially for the survivor spouse and hassle-free transfer of one’s assets to the next generation.
  • Investment Planning: Investments, IRAs, 401k/403b etc. are important for various reasons. They are, at times, the only resources available in retirement. Without sacrificing the safety of the capital, we always strive to maximize the benefits for our clients. Investments in securities (stocks, bonds, Mutual Funds etc.) involve risk of loss and we ascertain that our clients acknowledge and recognize that risk and accordingly they invest appropriately. Risk tolerance levels of our clients is taken seriously in Investment Planning.
  •  Estate Distribution & Estate Tax Planning: Estate planning and tax planning take significance as we reach retirement and non-work life. Without such planning it is very difficult for trustees/administrators and others to manage clients’ estate after they pass on. We especially emphasize actions that need to be taken now so that it becomes much easier for trustees/administrators to avoid probate later.
  • Future Tax Planning: Tax planning has always been an important and significant facet of financial planning. With today’s complicated structure of tax codes, it is even more critical that we give special attention to minimizing the taxes in the future. Why pay any more than we have to? Tax planning is a central theme and would touch all the above aspects of financial planning.